Social Science for Climate Change
Susan Moser

Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation
in the US Northeast

Regional assessments of climate change impacts and vulnerabilities across multiple sectors can provide critical input into the development of effective response strategies. As a member of the Synthesis Team of this major three-year project in the Northeast, I helped guide a study of the forest, agricultural, marine, coastal, water, winter recreation and public health sectors in nine states.

The project was a collaborative effort between the Union of Concerned Scientists and a team of more than 50 independent experts, who combined integrated analyses with effective outreach to provide opinion leaders, policy makers, and the public with the best available science upon whichto base informed choices about climate-change mitigation and adaptation. I oversaw the coastalassessments, and led original research on opportunities for and barriers to adaptation,focusing particularly on the differential vulnerability of places, communities, and economic sectors and the social processes underlying adaptation. For more information about the project, click here.

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