Social Science for Climate Change
Susan Moser

Adaptation, Resilience and Transformation in the Face of Climate Change

ripplesAdaptation to climate change means planning and preparing for and managing the unavoidable consequences of the climate changes already underway. My work aims to help decision-makers develop a comprehensive approach that focuses on both the causes and potential consequences of climate change, as well as on the underlying vulnerabilities of communities and ecosystems. The goal is to minimize the risks to society and bank on possible opportunities. Credible and useful science, good governance, and effective stakeholder engagement are critical to achieving these goals.

As a leading US expert on adaptation, I contribute to national, regional and local multi-sectoral assessments of climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation options. I serve as an advisor to local communities, states, and federal agencies, as well as to non-governmental organizations in their strategic efforts to reduce their vulnerabilities, increase adaptive capacity, identify integrated adaptation strategies, and overcome the barriers to adaptation.

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