Social Science for Climate Change
Susan Moser


"The International Social Science Council could not have found a more knowledgeable, inspiring and committed colleague than Susi Moser for the Editorial Team of the 2013 World Social Science Report on Changing Global Environments. Susi’s unique expertise and creativity marks the success of this ambitious global project. Her understanding and vision of what it will take to produce and use transformative scientific knowledge for global sustainability will now shape our efforts in international science policy making and research management. Susi is a change maker and leader in her field. It is an immense privilege and a pleasure to work with her."

Heide Hackmann, Ph.D.
Executive Director, International Council for Science

Former Executive Director, International Social Science Council

"Whenever I am asked for the name of someone who is a national expert and knows the most about which strategies are the most readily accepted and effective for enabling local communities to start to adapt to climate change, I always think first of Dr. Susanne Moser. Whenever I am preparing a major talk or presentation about either domestic or international strategies, I email Dr. Moser and ask her for her latest thinking. She is knowledgeable, accessible and most user friendly. Too bad, we have not worked out intellectual cloning yet."

Margaret Davidson
Former Director, NOAA Coastal Services Center


"On behalf of the planning team, thank you so much for your participation in our Communicating Climate Change and the Oceans Summit in Monterey. Our colleagues have had nothing but positive comments about the summit and your excellent presentation.  Your provocative comments really challenged us to think about how to effectively influence human behavior related to climate change."

Julie Packard
Executive Director, Monterey Bay Aquarium


"Dr. Moser has an uncanny ability to provide clear and understandable explanations of the complex societal issues related to climate change using provocative imagery and the most current information. She helped our extension and education staff to improve our program delivery by assessing and understanding our audiences’ attitudes and values. Brilliant speaker, great presentation!"

Paul Anderson
Director, Maine Sea Grant College Program

"Susi has been an invaluable resource and driver of California’s climate adaptation strategy efforts. She has not only helped guide us through the technical jungle of climate change science, but also has that rare ability to translate jargon to policy-makers who can actually drive action. I would highly recommend her for future work."

Anthony Brunello
Former Deputy Secretary, Climate Change & Energy
California Natural Resources Agency

"Susi is so much more than an outstanding climate change scientist (and she is that). She is a skilled facilitator and brilliant communicator who both educates and inspires. She summons us to address the challenge of climate change with realism, compassion, and effective action. Her honesty, courage, and depth of insight in the face of these challenges inspire the same in others. We invited Susi to help us launch a semester-long Difficult Dialogues symposium at Clark University on climate change. Two years after her visit, faculty and students still refer to the remarkable way she engaged the entire audience in considering the questions and issues, integrating her presentation with opportunities for interaction and dialogue among those present. In five years of leading the dialogue project at Clark, hers is the most effective and successful integration of dialogic process into a public event I have seen."

Sarah Buie
Former Director, Higgins School of Humanities
Professor of Studio Art, Clark University

‘When searching for answers [about how to deal with climate change] I came across you on YouTube and the image of that hope: 'A Bridge Without Railing.' One of the best I have ever heard. And that 'it’s hard work to be hopeful' because you have to 'hold that paradoxical truth' [of what is and the possibility of what could be]… And the key ingredient in your recipe 'to make hope possible' is precisely the mantra here [in Sweden]: 'do it together.' … Sure glad I came across your work. And love your use of poetry."                                                        

Jim Wine

American-Swedish filmmaker

"I wasn't able to make the SESYNC conference last week, but I just caught up on your lecture online. Thank you for the inspiring and deeply thought-provoking talk."

Corrie Knapp

Western State Colorado University

"On a personal note, mahalo nui loa for all you've done over the years to support the PICCC [Pacific Islands Climate Change Cooperative]. Your keen analytical mind has been instrumental in honing my own thinking about adaptation, which continues to evolve based on the community-level work we've been doing this past year. It's been an enriching and rewarding experience!"

Deanna Sppooner

US Fish and Wildlife Service -Pacific Region

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