Social Science for Climate Change
Susan Moser

Information for Decision-Makers

Little time, limited resources, and always more fires to put out than people to do it? Here is a resource that may be helpful if you are dealing with challenges such as these:

  • What does climate change mean for my community?
  • We need to start thinking about the long-term impacts of climate change - where to begin?
  • How prepared is my community for dealing with climate change impacts such as sea-level rise and related coastal hazards?
  • How can I plan for an uncertain future if I’m dealing with the very real and certain impacts of extreme events today?
  • How can we measure progress or success of adaptation?
  • How do we effectively communicate climate change when so many are in denial, in despair or hopeless?
  • What is the best way to involve stakeholders in an assessment, planningor decision-making process?

These are the kinds of practice-oriented questions I explore in my research and in my work with policy-makers, planners, engagement specialists, and resource managers.

I conduct much of my research in close consultation with policy- and decision-makers. I also help scientists to work more effectively with practitioners. If you are interested in expert advice, please contact me.