Social Science for Climate Change
Susan Moser

Susanne C. Moser

Susanne Moser, Ph.D., is Director and Principal Researcher of Susanne Moser Research & Consulting in Santa Cruz, California. She is also a Social Science Research Fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment at Stanford University and a Research Associate at the University of California-Santa Cruz, Institute for Marine Sciences. Previously, she served as a Research Scientist at the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado; was a staff scientist for climate change at the Union of Concerned Scientists; and a research fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and at the Heinz Center in Washington, DC.


Susi's work focuses on adaptation to climate change, vulnerability, resilience, climate change communication, social change, decision support and the interaction between scientists, policy-makers and the public. She is a geographer by training (Ph.D. 1997, Clark University) with an interests in how social science can inform society's responses to this global challenge. She has worked in coastal areas, urban and rural communities, with forest-reliant communities, and on human health issues.

Susi contributed to Working Group II of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Fourth and Fifth Assessment Reports, served as Review Editor on the IPCC’s Special Report on “Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation,” and is a member of of Scientific Steering Committee for the IPCC's Special Report on the "Impacts of 1.5 Deg C and Associated Emissions Pathways." She was also a Convening Lead Author for the coastal chapter of the Third US National Climate Assessment (NCA), and a member of the federal advisory committee to that assessment. Over the years, she has advised federal, state and local governments, nongovernmental organizations, professional societies, and foundations on various aspects of climate change.

She is a co-editor with Max Boykoff (University of Colorado-Boulder) on Successful Adaptation to Climate Change (2013, Routledge) and previously co-edited a ground-breaking anthology on climate change communication, called Creating a Climate for Change: Communicating Climate Change and Facilitating Social Change (2007, Cambridge University Press) with Lisa Dilling (University of Colorado-Boulder). Her work has been recognized through fellowships in the Aldo Leopold Leadership Program, the UCAR Leadership Academy, Kavli Frontiers of Science Program, the Donella Meadows Leadership Program, the Google Science Communication Program, and the Walton Sustainability Solutions Program at Arizona State University.

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