Social Science for Climate Change
Susan Moser

Effectiveness of Decision Support

decisionsbookI have synthesized my expertise and experience on effective science-practitioner interactions, decision support processes, and successful stakeholder engagement in several recent publications. I assisted the Pacific Regional Integrated Sciences and Assessment (RISA) center with a synthesis of what is known about stakeholder engagement and decision support, and how the effectiveness of such processes might be evaluated “on the ground.”

As a member of the National Research Council Panel on Strategies and Methods for Climate-Related Decision Support, I contributed substantially to the resulting foundational report in 2009.

I was also a co-author on a report for the US Climate Change Science Program to improve the usefulness of carbon science for decision-making.

NOAA's Regional Integrated Science and Assessment Program (RISA) is one of the best examples scientists interacting with practitioners to develop the scientific information and tools that would most usefully inform decision-making. A long-term observer of that program, I am currently working with the Pacific RISA Center to evaluate that program's efforts in effective decision support. Work is ongoing, so please check back for project outputs.

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