Social Science for Climate Change
Susan Moser

My Experience

In my current and past positions, I have worked regularly with policy-makers and decision-makers at the local, state, and federal levels. Examples include:

Work at the Federal Level

  • Member of the federal advisory committee for the National Climate Assessment, and member of its Executive Secretariat
  • Informal support and formal briefings to Congressional staff
  • Briefings and discussions with Congressional Committees
  • Ongoing support, discussion and briefings to federal agencies and programs (NOAA, EPA, USDA’s Forest Service, Climate Change Science Program and US Global Change Research Program, DOE, etc.).
  • Advice to a White House-led interagency task force on adaptation (Obama administration)

Work at the State Level

  • Climate change advice to California Governor Jerry Brown
  • Supporting consultant to the California Natural Resources Agency during the development of the first statewide adaptation strategy
  • Ongoing support of the California Energy Commission’s PIER climate change research and assessment program
  • Briefing for California legislative and agency staff
  • Testimony at hearing of the California Coastal Commission
  • Briefings to the Bay Conservation and Development Commission
  • Briefings to the California state assembly and senate committees
  • Informal advice to state agencies on adaptation in New York, Massachusetts, Oregon, Maine

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Work at the Local Level

  • Advice and guidance to California cities in assessing the vulnerabilities to climate change impacts and adaptation options (e.g., San Luis Obispo, Fresno, City of LA)
  • Advisor to the City of Chicago Climate Research Advisory Council, City of Chicago and Global Philanthropy Partnership in preparation of its climate change impacts and adaptation planning efforts
  • Advisor to Mayor of Boulder on developing a local climate change outreach strategy
  • Member of the Cambridge, MA Climate Change Action Committee, developing the city’s first climate action plan
  • Assessment of Al Gore’s climate change communications training (The Climate Project)

In addition, my research has focused on policy- and decision-making at all of these levels. For more information see the Research pages.

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