Social Science for Climate Change
Susan Moser

Social Science for Climate Change

The central theme of my work is change. Particularly climate change and social change.

How does it happen? What are its effects? How do we deal with it? And how do we change ourselves, our practices and institutions, to adapt to change, live rich and meaningful lives, and create a just, equitable, sustainable, humane, and beautiful world?

I conduct research and provide consulting services addressing these questions.

Interdisciplinary Research, Productive Science-Policy Interaction and Effective Communication for Social Change

As a leading US expert on adaptation, science-policy interactions, decision support, and climate change communication, I emphasize practical, collaborative, solutions-oriented and ethically-grounded work.

I have extensive experience working in the US, Australia, Europe and Canada, in coastal, forest, conservation, and infrastructure sectors, and in urban and rural communities. I have led and participated in projects which assess the impacts of climate change; examine the vulnerabilities and preparedness of human communities and ecosystems; identify barriers to adaptation and strategies to overcome them; explore what adaptation "success" might mean, help communities move toward it, and foster awareness and understanding of the need for transformative change.

My focus on policy, governance, communication, human behavior, and psycho-social resilience stems from my commitment to putting the best available science to work in policy and management arenas and from my desire to help those who help all of us. In all of this, it is essential to me that the public is involved in the most effective and meaningful ways to constructively co-create the future.

The goal of my work is to help increase resilience, reduce vulnerability, and transform the ways we interact with our environment and each other to sustain a livable planet and live peaceful, meaningful lives.